Max soon learns that Lisette is no demure lady and is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect her brother. In France they find some clues that lead them to Belgium, and they hope to finally find out the truth about Peter and Tristan. I love everything Sabrina Jeffries writes! I enjoyed seeing Max get a dose of reality. It suddenly hit her that she was standing here practically in view of the street wearing only her nightrail and dressing gown. By now, Max has realized that Lisette was the kind of woman he can fall in love with

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Jane Granville Review Date: And she would do just about anything to prevent that. Then he caught himself and cast her a haughty stare. No wonder the duke thought her a mistress.

What the Duke Desires

Seja o primeiro a avaliar este item. Lisette is unhappy about men interfering in her life this way. D Would I Recommend It: Perhaps eventually he would consider giving her broader duties. I’m anxious to begin the next book in the series and hope to seem more of Max and Lisette. It was then that Max did something stupidly selfish and hurt Lisette, and I was only able to forgive him slightly at the end. Recommended to fans of HR looking to not overly think about what they are reading for a couple of hours.

Book Review: Sabrina Jeffries’ What the Duke Desires – KD Did It Edits

This was kinda frustrating I tell you. He grew up with parents who kept searching for their oldest son, neglecting the one left, parents who fought a lot, and a father who went mad in the end. But why is he using a different name? The romance was like a winding road leading to a blissful ending that was thoroughly enjoyable at every stage of the relationship. The story begins several years later with the twist the younger legitimate son sides with the illegitimate offspring who must fight and evade the evil of the elder heir.


I always like to read historical romances that go off the beaten path of Regency Period rules and society strictures, seasons and so on. The sarina plot with the lost brother didn’t make much sense unless they were identical twins, how the heck can you prove the identity of a stranger in those days but otherwise, What the duke desires sabrina jeffries liked a lot of the historical aspects: Then just after Dom left for a case in Edinburgh, a late night visitor comes knocking.

Not even Max, when he was acting too “dukely. Max seemed the reserved sort, the perfect Duke with his solid character and commanding presence. He watched his mother suffer when his father went mad and will not put anyone else through that. Lisette has been worried about him for a while now, as he has stopped writing her and Dom.

Definitely a delightful read. He had me falling for sabruna immediately. Oh, he wore the clothing of a duke—a top hat of expensive silk, a coat of exquisitely tailored cashmere, and a perfectly tied cravat. Lisette isn’t about to put herself in another man’s control and Max has his own reasons for not what the duke desires sabrina jeffries marriage but sometimes what the head knows, the heart refuses to acknowledge.


He’s a complex man who has held himself apart from love and affection and has fears that form a shield around his heart. The Duke – Maximillian Cale, the 9th Duke of Lyons becomes a reluctant client when Tristram sends a note concerning information he has acquired then fails to make the assigned meeing.

With Dom on a sabgina in Scotland, only Lisette is there to weather the confrontation with the Duke who is what the duke desires sabrina jeffries Tristan is running a scam and determined to see him pay the price for it.

On the way to France, the Duke and Lisette have many disagreements, but also find they can’t keep from kissing each other every chance they get. And apparently, she loved the man enough to leave her own family and country to journey to England. She hated that her father never married her mother, even though he kept her waiting for years. Born to a noble father, she could have had so many more expectations from life if only the man had fulfilled his promise to marry her mother before his death.

The couple focus is on Lisette Bonnaud and Max Cale. But Dom and I have had no word from jeffries. Recently, Lisette has returned to London to help Dom organizing his office.