ADCP method of discharge measurement of Rivers is being used in almost all the major river basins of the World and its viability and correctness stands verified in research work published for the last ten to twenty five years. Thus they are effective risk management tools, however they do not change the consequence of failure classification. The shape of the slot for the hanger-strap permits it to tip forward 15o and backward 5o from the vertical. This velocity meter has several advantages. The program determines the forces acting on each of the different members of the culvert using the direct stiffness method. Pygmy meters are similar to Price meters in that both contain a cup-type wheel mounted on a vertical shaft.

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The meter can measure large flood flows from bridges.

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Orion – Structural concrete building design software. The shape of the slot for the hanger-strap permits it to tip forward 15o and backward 5o from the vertical. In addition to the standard type AA meter for general use, there is a type AA meter for low velocities, no pent gear is provided in it.

The product of txdot winstorm software area and the mean velocity at the vertical gives the discharge for the partial section between the two halfway points. It is advisable to ensure that critical markups are retained on plan sets when using different versions of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

To determine the quantity of water carried by a canal over txdoh period of time, the gage must be read at least twice daily. If flow conditions txdot winstorm software the channel did not change resistance significantly during the period txdot winstorm software for measurements over the full range of canal flows, the curve will generally be easy to draw.


The low-velocity meter is normally rated from 0. For canals affected by growths or txddot, two or more such rating tables will be necessary, one for early in the season when the canal is clean, and the other for late in the season when growths or other restrictions are present.

The summation of these sub-areas discharge is the total discharge of channel. To report bugs and for questions or technical support, please send an email to: The ADCP computes a velocity component along each beam; because the beams are positioned orthogonally to one another and at a known angle from the vertical usually 20 or 30 degreetrigonometric relations are used to compute three-dimensional water-velocity vectors for each depth cell. Windows 7, XP Version: Prior installation of Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.

The difficulty of determining the exact coefficient limits the usefulness and accuracy of this method. This add-in has been tested for compatibility with Adobe Dinstorm Pro versions 7 through 9. Simpson’s parabolic rule method is particularly applicable to river channels winstorrm old canals that have cross sections conforming in a general way to the arc of a parabola or to a series of arcs of different parabolas.

CAP18 – Bent Cap Analysis Program A txdot winstorm software structural analysis program using a discrete element model that produces txdot winstorm software of maximum bending and shear forces txdoh on bridge bent caps.

Next, the computed mean cross-sectional velocities are plotted, and a curve is drawn through the points. Data are usually determined over a useful range of total discharges. The HY-8 program is available at no charge to the hydraulic and transportation communities.

It is advisable to ensure that critical markups are retained on plan sets when using different versions of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

In order to determine velocity at a point with a current meter it is necessary to count the resolution of the rotor in a measured interval of time.


A stretch of the canal, straight and uniform in cross-section and grade, and with a minimum of surface waves, should be chosen for this method. All the other sizes are cast txdot winstorm software lead and contain removable aluminum-alloy tail vanes.

UT Lift is an easy to use, macro-programmed Excel spreadsheet for determining the safety of lifting a horizontally curved steel I-girder with one crane and two lift clamps. There are two arithmetic methods for computing the discharge, i.

Optical strobe velocity meters developed by the U. The effect of txdot winstorm software on a sounding wire may be reduced by using a streamlined weight on the end of a fine wire. The pygmy meter may also be used in large canals where the velocity of flow is low or near the edges of a canal to supplement data taken farther out in the channel with a Price meter.

The simple form of pitot tube has a little practical value for measuring discharges in open channels handling low velocity flows because the height of water rises above the water surface is difficult to measure. Tuesday, 12 February Engineering Software. The international Standard Organization ISO and World Meteorological Organization WMO have brought out many publication related to stream flow measurement; individual countries have their own standards.

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The conventional current-meter method is most commonly used in gauging streams and is commonly used world over. This effect is governed by factors such as:. The depth of flow in the cross section is measured at width stations with a rod or sounding line.