That was a nice move though, sleeping with Sutton. Right, ’cause I’m like a sister to you. Look, she can’t tell you. And I will keep an eye on him for you. And I probably won’t either. There was no answer.

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What’s the deal with you and Alec Rybak? Going to see the family now. Whatever Eduardo heard If it was about us or the switch, or our adoption Okay, I had no idea that my dad was wrapped up in all this. You gme to my face. Everything is falling apart.

Laurel’s still the lying game s01e07 home. Eduardo was in a crash. I mean, I know she’s pissed about Ethan, but Okay, since when do you need Sutton to tell you what to do?

I I found that photo, and you told me that it was just some hiking trip, that Thayer was my brother, so he was like a brother to you. What are you guys doing here? What are you guys doing? Yeah, all the time. So now you can tell us what’s going on.


The Lying Game S01E07 mkv2158~0.jpg

So now you owe him something? Travis, what the hell are you doing here? I don’t need anything, I’m fine. Okay, it doesn’t have to be like that. He helped me out, hooked me up with some community service.

The Lying Game S01E07 mkv2177~0.jpg

It’s not 0s1e07 sorry for everything. I mean I think he might be the one. I’m not going to go anywhere, okay? You don’t by any chance have a Please, I’m the smart one, remember?

What is going on with you and Eduardo? He was at our house.

The Lying Game S01e06 Bad Boys Brake Hearts – video dailymotion

But I was lucky, because someone helped me. No, you are the reason he left, aren’t you?

Why didn’t she tell you that? And she’s there in Phoenix right now? She’s not shacking up with her boyfriend or something. No, it’s not you. Thayer, what are you talking about? The lying game s01e07 guessing you maxed out the plastic again. It says so on the driver’s license in your purse.


This is ridiculous and not to mention illegal. I saw you, too. Why are you freaking out about this? I just s01s07 to get back to the hospital, find d01e07 what Eduardo knows if, if he knows about us, that there are twins.