Once a piece is in the right spot, it will lock itself in. Once all the pieces have been found, drag them to the bottom of the fountain to start a mini-game. The pink squares represent where the bulbs need to be placed. Place the barrel organ pieces on the sparkly spot below the shelf in the back of the scene to open a mini-game. Click on the planets on the left side of the wall to open a mini-game.

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It turns out that something has gone amiss in the space time continuum and it is up to Sprill and Ritchie to go back in time and find all the misplaced items that have landed in their wrong time and again help the Aliens locate the magic pearl. Batteries Mini-game Your goal is to arrange the bulbs so all the solar batteries work. Every time you face difficulties you need to be sprill and ritchie adventures in time attentive and follow the instructions given below in the screen box.

Each black and white dot represents a spot for one of the animals. Click on the base iin the fish and the fish will fill the small fountain in the lower left side of the scene. Level Map Green areas are completed areas and Red are areas that still need to be played. Pick a username you like and can share with others.

Pick up the watering can in the lower left corner of the scene. Once the panel opens, click on the modern part.


Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures in Time Walkthrough

Once you click on one of the items, the same item in the opposite picture will be eliminated. Besides collecting misplaced items, there are one or two catastrophes that need correcting. Some of the items were very hard to find an I had to use a hint znd find them. Please look at the 33 second video to see a complete solution for this puzzle.

Your goal is to click on the green image at the bottom of the machine that matches the green image that falls in the green square in the monitor. Place the key on the lock to open the door.

Sprill and Ritchie – Adventures In Time

A little over 3 hours sprll an experienced gamer. Level 32 Collect 12 Tiles Click on the scroll in the lower center. Pick up the bulbs at the bottom of the panel and place them on any of the light bulb spots.

Grab the shovel in the advenyures right corner of the scene. If you clicked on the wrong liquid, the glass will not fill and you will have to start the process all over again.

Sprill & Ritchie: Adventures in Time Screenshots for Windows – MobyGames

If you make one wrong move the ball will go back to the starting line. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this game! The solution is as follows, place the weights in the following order on the scale, from left to right: The inventory items are highlighted in red. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help.


Ascendance Walkthrough Dark City: Pick up the hat on the floor, in front of the throne. Check us out on: Your goal is to assemble the barrel pieces so they all fit into the green outline at the bottom of the playing field.

Once all the papers have been collected place them on the sparkly book to open a mini-game. If you see a red mark appear it means that you are covering one of the cracks, or the piece is in the wrong place, either way move that piece to another location.

Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures in Time Walkthrough – Gamezebo

Use Tea Leaves and Teapot Once all the tea leaves have been gathered, grab the teapot and ritchiw cup from the bar. The following two steps have to be performed in the order that is described otherwise, it will not work. Once the pieces have been glued, a mini-game will appear. Assemble the Robot Drag the robot parts that are in inventory onto the sparkly spot in the back of the scene to open up a puzzle. Place the token in the soda machine and a soda will come out of the dispenser, grab the soda can.