I tried consciously to make the music and the on-screen movements work together as dance, combining elements of rock and roll with my own interpretation of Asian music. Views Read Edit View history. If you can get hold of a German version of the film, you might see the way the cues originally worked. American film score composers Living people. The track listing for the full score CD is as follows:.

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‚ÄéKickboxer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [The Deluxe Edition] by Paul Hertzog on Apple Music

I was not particularly pleased that the music I kickboxed slaved over would either need cutting itself or else rewriting. Many of these sounds came from my new Roland D synthesizer. So I made a deal to stay at the home of the studio owner, Ron Leeper, while I recorded the score. Paul Hertzog is an American film composer. If you can get hold of a German version kickboxeg the film, you might see the way the cues originally worked.

Late inwith the filmmakers back from Asia, I began to see some rough-cut scenes in the editing room and paul hertzog kickboxer in more finished form at screening rooms. My approach to the film was varied.

On the day we finished mixing, I handed the master tapes off to Cliff Kohlweck, my newly hired music editor, and went home to get some sleep. Soundtrack CDs for both Kickboxer and Bloodsport were created in limited quantity. Paul Hertzog, film composer. In his brief career in the late s and early s, Hertzog composed the soundtracks for two Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, Kickboxer and Bloodsportas well as the scores for Breathing Fire paul hertzog kickboxer My Chauffeur.


I would start by watching a scene over and over, then start improvising to it, gradually decide paul hertzog kickboxer tempos, and begin sequencing drums and basic pads until I felt I had captured the essence of the mood I was looking for.

In short order we were on the sound stage in Burbank, doing the final sound mix for the film.

Kickboxer – Paul Hertzog, film composer

My hertzof and I were happy working at Sound Affair in Costa Mesa, but unfortunately the studio was about a two-hour drive from my house. Because of this, they are considered collectors items by many, and are usually very hard to find. The track listing for the full score CD is as follows:. But the fight scenes and training scenes I thought of as something like ballet: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I was hired before filming began. Given the relatively low budget I had to work with, I think the score works well and that it stands up to listening on its own.

I believe I had about three weeks to compose, maybe four. After I finished scoring BloodsportMark DiSalle considered me part of his team and signed paul hertzog kickboxer up paul hertzog kickboxer Kickboxer early in the summer of hettzog American film score composers Living people. Views Read Edit View history.

Similarly to Bloodsportthe soundtrack to Kickboxer was remastered in and released by Perseverance Records. I treated the love scenes and non-fighting dramatic scenes much as film composers in Hollywood have always done. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Paul Hertzog

In the end, we were able to cut the cues well enough to avoid rewriting and rerecording, but several cues did not work as well as they did in paul hertzog kickboxer original edit. The track listing for this limited edition version is as follows:. Most of the cues in Kickboxer contain several of these D sounds, including the shakuhachi sound, the wild noises that Kurt hears in Stone City, and most of the string-like pads.

Then I would record the basic tracks on a little portable 4-track cassette player and add enhancing sounds as I listened to the cue with the video.

What I paul hertzog kickboxer liked about that instrument was the fact that it contained both digital samples and analog-style synth sounds that I could stack, splice together, and spread about the stereo spectrum. Since the score was mainly synthesized, we laid down the synth tracks first. As for the harp, I changed its eq in such a way pwul it was much less strident, and doubled many of its solo lines with other instruments.

I worked in a spare bedroom and put in approximately 18 hours a day seven days a week.