Internal and external walls. The comparison of results indicatedthat the conditions of the ground slab contact conditions selected to simulate the thermal performance of the building strongly influenced the constructive system analysis. D nT,w for field- and R w for laboratory measurements. Two requirements are recommended in accordance with Table 1: Services on Demand Journal.

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Impact noise sound insulation of terrace floors accessible to the public. Structural systems No acoustical performance adressed. Finally, for every requirement and criteria methods of assessment are established, being these laboratory or in situ measurements, prototype inspection or inspection at the construction site or nbr 15575 simulation or analysis of the project. Analysis of the NBR simulation procedure in assessing the thermal performance nbrr dwellings.

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The recommended weighted values of both criteria are shown in Table 3. This article aims to share the most important information contained in the nbr 15575 published in Portuguese only, presenting a review of the parts of the standard that concern acoustics in terms of the requirements, the criteria and the methods of evaluation by measurements in the laboratory or the field.

Part 5 — Requirements for terrace floors The requirements of the part 5 consider terrace floors at the top of a building that are accessible to all users of the building, comprising a very typical situation in Brazil. Regarding this scenario, this study has the purpose nbe evaluate the performance of two non-structural nbr 15575 sealing systems in ceramic bricks by comparing two different layouts of horizontal air gaps.


Residential dwellings 155575 to five floors — Nbr 15575. Slab floor, or another element, with ot without the floor covering, without acoustic insulation. Part 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are dealing with the acoustical performance as shown in Table 1. Sound Insulation of external walls.

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Based on weighted values for sound insulation the acoustics performance of residential buildings can be classied into three levels of performance: Both criteria are addressed in deep in parts 3, 4 and 5 together with the methods of assessment. The introduction of the new standard is certainly a big step for the Brazilian market. Introduction The Brazilian standard NBR [1] should have been applied in May but its introduction was postponed due to several reasons, including the lack of technical preparation of the civil construction industry, architects, etc.

Regarding the requirements for the internal floors systems a large number of additional standards 15575 referenced such as: Considering nbr 15575 security requirements, it is necessary to evaluate nbr 15575 fire resistance of vertical sealing systems. After the publication of NBR ABNT, standard, it became necessary that the constructive systems used nb residential buildings go through verification processes concerning the performance requirements.

Internal and external walls 1. No acoustical performance adressed.

Other standards to be observed are: According to Table 1 three requirements are defined in part 1 nbr 15575 NBR [1]. It was verified that the system with higher air gaps number had a better performance on fire resistance, and that the acoustic performance was very similar between the nb systems.

Norma De Desempenho NBR 15575

Paulo Henrique Mareze, Dr. Acoustical requirements of standard NBR Internal and external walls. Comparative study of fire resistance and acoustic performance of ceramic brick nbe in concern to NBR in residential buildings in Brazil. Finally, a proposal for nbr 15575 new simulation procedure to evaluate the thermal performance of residential buildings was assessed, comparing its results with those of the current procedures ofNBR 115575, a.


Services on Demand Article. Additionally to the brief review some comments on the standard will be given.

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The requirements of the part 5 consider terrace floors at the top of a building that are accessible to all users of the building, comprising a very typical situation in Brazil. Introducing the Brazilian nbr 15575 NBR regarding the acoustical requirements, criteria and assessment methods for residential dwellings.

The investigation analysedthe influence of the building ground slab nvr conditions on the thermal performance results for both summer and winter, as the NBR ABNT, a does not specify this parameter.

Vergara 1Stephan Paul 2 For the first time in the Brazilian civil construction the standard NBR establishes requirements, criteria and evaluation methods for determining performance of residential buildings nbr 15575 order to provide acoustical, thermal and lighting comfort and acoustical privacy to its occupants. How to cite this article. Impact noise and noise generated by equipment.