Nagayana is a Raj Comics summer – 08 crossover event. The Divorce decree was given ex-parte and in absence of Dhruva. In another scene Nagraj is attacked by people of the city but saved by Saakar-Akar Bharti. Story continues in Haran-Kand.. Family Shyam Radha Shweta.

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Story Continues in Rann-Kand. The series was inspired by the Hindu epic Ramayan and as such the story has many events as resembling a bit to Ramayan.

List of Nagraj’s comics

After that she is killed by Nagpasha but not actually killed as she converts herself into spirits using her power. In the fight nagaywn Krurpaasha and Vishank, Gurudev re-activates the genes of Krurpasha in the body nagayan series Vishank and he favors Krurpaasah. He gets angry and tries to open the doors by black powers in Bheerupaasaha but is stopped by a mysterious man.

It was amazing holding a comic book for real again in my hands. Product details Reading level: Nagayna Comics Language: In another scene Krurpaasah tries to capture Jingaloo who is destroying Alandhya but nagayan series.

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In another scene Nagraj is attacked by people of the city but saved by Saakar-Akar Bharti. See all customer images. Nagayana is loosely based on the Hindu epic of Ramayana. Story continues in Haran-Kand.


After knowing that Visarpi was kidnapped by Krurpaasha Nagraj gets angry and goes to save her. Story continues in Iti-Kand. Got this the next day. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. Its timeframe starts from year AD. On the other side, Grand Master Robo kills the supply of fresh air and water in the underground city of Mahanagar and Raajnagar and forces people to pray to Black lord-BheeruPaasha In nagayan series other part nagayan series Kroorpasha as in the experiment process, Naagpaahsa gets divided into three Kroorpaasha, Bheerupaasha and one other.

Story begins in A. On the way while going to Raajnagar they are attacked by Black Forces but get rescued by Vanputra. A Must have Comic book of all Comic lovers.

List of Nagraj’s comics – Wikipedia

On the other side Super Commando Dhruva finally finds Black Builder and destroys him with help of some soldiers. Nagayan series is attacked by Black powers in nagayan series Jungle but is rescued and separated from black powers as he knows that he is his friend VanPutra. Esries wanted a collectible. On the other hand after learning that Krurpaasha failed in Swayambar Nagina tells them to create hurdles so that they are unable to reach Raajnagar before Grahan Solar serkes.


Naagpaasha is shown to be deriving powers from Mahakaal Chhidra or the Black Hole. Ships from and sold by the bukman.

Nagayan Series

It was created with the imagination of an otherwise future that these two superheroes faced in their lifetime. I’m a huge comic fan since my childhood and always wanted to read this one from so long.

After knowing why Nagayan series tried to kill him Nagraj send nagayan series son to rescue Prince Yati. Second part in Nagayan Series story continues from Varan-Kand. Nagayana was supposed to be finished by Diwali, the biggest Hindu festival.

In another place, the real Jingaloo is alive due to the prayer of Yati Queen. A surprise about Nagina is shown when she reveals that she is mother of Naagayan. Thanx frndz, without you it would not have been possible.