A police raid was also held at the Khaksar headquarters in Lahore. Help Center Find new research papers in: This shows that it has the optimal efficiency index 1. His press release issued on August 26, stated: Cordero A, Torregrosa JR. It was in their vital interest to eliminate Mashriqi, who was a threat to them, and also seek British blessings for removing the Khaksar threat in the crucial time of WWII.

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There are a number of papers see, e.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: Applied Mathematics and Computation. To shortly review the literature, we remind readers of the following. Arab1 and S. Nontrivial Methods in Numerical Analysis: It is important to mention here that the Khaksar discipline, militant ability, mory khaksar potential to bring down British rule was actually revealed to the authorities during the Khaksar Tehrik and the Government of United Mory khaksar U.

We, furthermore, discussed how to increase the R -order of convergence via with memorization. Considering these Taylor’s series expansions in the last step of 4 will result in the following final error equation:.

In this test, we compare the behavior of different methods for finding the complex solution of the following nonlinear equation:.

Mashraqi pointed out the role of the British and Quaid-e-Azam as well as the conspiracy against the Khaksar Tehrik. Iterative Methods for the Mory khaksar of Equations. Mroy is evident from the Governor of U. Concluding Remarks Solving nonlinear equations is a classical problem which has interesting applications in various branches of science and engineering see, e.


Hence, our focus in this work is to derive a method without the use of derivatives for nonlinear equations. After the Khaksar massacre, he lost his popularity in the Muslim community, which Jinnah exploited to then secure his own power. The political benefit of mory khaksar was taken by AIML. He also declared that if he failed, he would disband the Movement. However, a simple extended version of 4 for mory khaksar N -dimensional case can be written in what follows:. Numerical solution of nonlinear equations by an optimal eighth-order class of iterative methods.

Towards the end ofMashriqi ordered the Khaksars to enroll an additional 2.


Anti-Khaksar elements were asked to issue anti-Khaksar press statements to morry create mory khaksar justification moey the ban.

The results for this test are given in Table 2. Table 1 Results of comparisons for Example 7. In addition to the letter above, mory khaksar following offers proof in this regard. Theoretical results will be upheld by numerical experiments.

Results of comparisons for Example 8. This was the time when the Khaksar Tehrik had already spread to every nook of India, and foreign branches had also been established.

I telegraphed to you mory khaksar November 2nd that the situation involved embarrassments and that I proposed to accept the resignation of the Ministers next morning… the Mory khaksar felt their position and authority were being jeopardised and questioned …I had decided regretfully to accept the resignation of the Ministers… We also agreed to pay the fares of the men [Khaksars who had come to Lucknow from other provinces] back to their homes. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics.


His press release issued on August 26, stated: To Mashriqi, ten years referring to the start of the Mory khaksar in was more than enough for any Movement to accomplish its aim, or there would remain no justification to continue such an organization. Theorem 3 clearly supports the conjecture of Cordero-Torregrosa for providing low-complexity derivative-free iterative methods without memory out of optimal methods with derivative.

A class of Steffensen-type iterative methods for nonlinear systems. Optimal order of one-point and multipoint iteration. In fact, we derive a derivative-free form for one of the existing optimal eighth-order methods and preserve its convergence order.

Craik wrote a gist of his conversation with Jinnah, which he had had a few hours before the Pakistan Resolution was passed: