For those who want an alternative for android, you can download the bok reader from here https: I would have loved, from the bottom of my heart, to send you not only one copy but tens of copies only if I could. You can also add books to the shamela and read it there as explained here: You can, however, download. This is the site: Can you please in English?

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As far as I know only Arabic books are available for this program. By the way, the official Shamila website says that they are currently redesigning the entire library so that it can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux and so that it would run faster.

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Assalaamu alaykum, Is it possible to download all of the books from the Islamport and Meshkat all at once rather than individually?? Brother see the bottom of this post: You can get isolated English book from websites like: Assalamu Alaikum Wa-rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu.

Can i use it on my mobile maktabah syamilah indonesia. And i want whether a specific Hadith is Sahi or Zaeef at least. Alhamdulillah I added kithab thuhfathul muhthaj.


Tutorial Ringkas Maktabah Syamilah 3.48 Versi Resmi

As for Linux, you can try running maktabah syamilah indonesia with Wine, or with an inxonesia called Thwab that is made to import Shamela. Then using this program convert the books you want to. Maybe you can try changing the language and system locale from the Control Panel? May Allah help them produce it and get it out fast.

I personally do not recommend that you download the version because it is not an official version.

The following link is a page on the official website that contains many links related to the Shaamila:. I mean to say that the problem with Arabic letters and correct rendering was still there. The team responsible for it is at http: Salam alaykoum, did you find any solution for the problem of compatibility with Windows 8? If you have scholars in your area and if it is possible for you, I would highly suggest that you ask them to start giving you lectures on basic sciences of Islam.

The Maktabah Shamila itself only contains books in Arabic. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah! Maktabah syamilah indonesia everything except for the rar files. Please check this page to see the updated article on how to install the Shamila: Jazakallah for posting that link brother.

Select Previous Version of Windows from the drop down list 7.


المكتبة الشاملة – Maktabah Shamilah

How can i convert it to. What operating system msktabah you use? In order to to change the language of your Windows system, go to the Control Panel which you can find in my computer or the start menu then open the Regional and Language Options. I followed it and it help me so well.

No it is not correct. How it is possible to add PDF file to Shamila? Hi, Your instructions show an installer file but there is only an EXE which runs the application and nothing to install it with. Read this post to get more information on this method: Then open the file to install it into a folder.

A dialog box will pop up from Gigaget allowing you to choose the files you want to download. As far as I know maktabah syamilah indonesia is no English equivalent to the Shamila nor inddonesia it present on their official website.