Once you decide to focus solely on the images, then people book you for those images. This is a good thing in one respect because you can just concentrate on the image; but on the other hand it can lead to second guessing as you mentioned. Sexy Business Workshop review Get in There! Those images then make up the album. Also the more pixels that we have available, the more we can do to the file without it breaking up. I would usually be in bed at this time, but I made the stupid mistake of drinking two espresso coffees! Maybe an autolevels adjustment, and possibly a tweak in white balance.

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I tend to pretty much try and do all the selecting in one session minutes and then have a five minute break, then get stuck into the actual editing. Did this softness make any difference to jeff ascough silver actions power of the image? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Keep in mind that I am starting with an image that has already been adjusted with a Jeff Ascough black and white action.

So many action sets out there flatten your images or make the adjustments to the background layer, leaving you unable to tweak them. So exposure has to be spot on.

Wedding Photography Insight with Jeff Ascough – – Articles

If I try to manage client expectations by limiting the more structured images, jeff ascough silver actions sign with someone else, even reluctantly sometimes because they like my humanistic documentary approach more. So how do you think she would feel looking at images, or even images.


Wedding Photography Insight with Jeff Ascough. I think we turned our first profit around year five. There were images in the show. I also like a touch of a warm tone, and a more subtle contrast shift. I am fascinated by people, and fascinated in particular by people on a wedding day.

Wedding Photography Insight with Jeff Ascough

Controlling the situation would take all of my concentration, and would prevent me from seeing other, possibly better images that could be happening around me. Maybe you are missing the whole concept actiond what makes a picture? To start off with, Photoshop CS4 is all you really need, as it has a browser, RAW converter and image editor all in one.

These shots will be up early next week as there are loads to go through. As always, I welcome any feedback whether technical, or otherwise. These are listed in jfef particular order:.

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Amateur VS Professional Photography: Ascougg editing the images I go through each image and tag the images that I like with one star.

My current gear list includes: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It is a question of bracing the camera correctly and learning to breathe properly when shooting at low speeds.

My stamina increased as did my alertness. If a client wants to see everyone at the wedding, then we suggest a big group of everyone. My cousin was easy to work with as he just chilled out in his favourite chair, having a smoke. Workflow For my current workflow, which has changed since my previous interview on photo. In the UK, most of the time the grooms are quite happy to let the bride take the limelight, so it never has been an issue. This pretty much explains everything.


Being unobtrusive is simply a state of mind and a way of behaving. An image has a rhythm when the eye is able to relax jeff ascough silver actions look around the image with ease. This site uses cookies. If you miss something minor, does it matter in the scheme of things.

I put in effort to not look like a photographer at a wedding so as to not cause people to stiffen up. I want to do jeff ascough silver actions of my work in Lightroom and only finesse the images that I really love in Photoshop. If as a wedding photographer you must have critical sharpness, and critical exposure, and critical flash exposure, etc then maybe you are missing the point of photography?