However, in my experience you need to level-set your expectations somewhat for the following reasons:. A much easier approach would be to install a Blackberry emulator on your laptop, then run your application on that. Already have a BlackBerry smartphone? Good for use in the European Union only. If you want to view it fullscreen on your presentation laptop in all it’s glory on a projector, you can do so. Find out how These offers expire August 30, Available in the countries below.

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Black Berry Remote Control Solutions – BlackBerry Secret Codes

This webcast shows you how to build a business case that’s ready to show to decision-makers. Available in the countries below. My other purpose is to do screen captures of the blackberry screens to put them in idokorro blackberry viewer hard copy of my presentation. These offers expire August 30, Future updates are anticipated to coincide with update to BlackBerry Enterprise Server software.

Forward this email or copy this link and send it to your friends: You certainly would not want to work in remote access mode for any extended period of time, but if you need to check up on blackberru an application is working or maybe run blqckberry quick command-line procedure, I would think Mobile Desktop could prove to be incredibly useful. It is also available for blackbrry free day trial download.


Good for use in these countries listed only. Patent and Trademark Office and may be pending or registered in other countries.

Business Continuity Planning Goes Wireless. Check with service provider for availability, roaming arrangements and service plans. See Figure for an illustration idokorro blackberry viewer how this is vifwer from the perspective of the BlackBerry user. Personalize Your Smartphone with kdokorro Software Offers: You will need the IP address of the remote computer, as well as a valid Windows login and password for the remote computer.

Getting the Right Balance of Optimism and Realism. Getting the Right Balance of Optimism and Realism This webcast shows you how to build a business case that’s ready to show to decision-makers.

More webcasts in the ‘Getting Mobile’ Series: My recommendation is to give both Idokorro’s and ZZZ Software’s products a vieder and see which one works best idokorro blackberry viewer your specific situation.

Viewing Blackberry on PC Screen – BlackBerry Forums Support Community

Mobile Desktop is an application that installs on your BlackBerry and supports remote control of a desktop computer over a network. Turning it into a brand new, sleek BlackBerry smartphone is smarter and more affordable than ever. Remote Desktop uses port by default, although this can be changed if you wish. Figure idokorr Mobile Desktop in action, allowing me to remotely access Excel on my computer, although you can just as easily access iTunes or other software. Viewing Blackberry on PC Screen.


As mentioned earlier, home computers with dynamic IP addressing and computers behind a network router both can create challenges in counting on a reliable IP address. Do you want to continue?

Find out how These offers expire August 30, Rather, it is a “feature” associated with Windows’ Terminal Services implementation. I have installed them, but I am not sure if I have to do more configuration to allow internet connection from my signed midlet.

Instead, Remote Desktop installs a special server component on your desktop that offers idokorro blackberry viewer viewee control services to ZZZ Software’s BlackBerry client idokorro blackberry viewer.

BlackBerry Forums Support Community

Tips odokorro demos for getting started using your device. Naturally, the desktop computer must bkackberry running Terminal Services in order for the solution to be successful. Getting the Right Balance of Optimism and Realism This webcast shows you how to build a business case that’s ready to show to decision-makers.

I believe a number of formats are supported, but I just use. Idokorro is a software company that offers a number of BlackBerry remote access applications.